Principal's Message August 27

Welcome Back Information
Posted on 08/27/2020

We are looking forward to the new school year!

Class Lists

Teachers will be contacting families about what class they are in early next week. These class assignments are tentative for the first three weeks of school until our staffing allocation has been finalized based on school enrollment.

Drop off and Pick up Locations

Upon arrival in the morning of your first day of staggered entry, students are asked to line up in their class line. Kindergarten students will go to the Kindergarten yard at the front of the school, and the Grade 1 – 6 students will line up at the back of the school with Gr 1 – 3/4 at the primary doors, Gr 4/5 door and Gr 5/6 doors at the side doors respectively. Signs will be posted for your class line up.  The school yard and climbers will be closed for play time before school. Classes will enter through their assigned door one class at a time.  Parents are kindly asked to bring their child(ren) to their line up, say their goodbyes and then leave the school yard. Bus students will be supervised from the bus to the school yard where they will find their class line up.

Pick up locations will be the same as drop off and family members may come on to the school yard at the end of the day to meet your child(ren) and check in with their teacher that you are picking them up for safe departure. Bus students will be supervised from the school onto the bus, with the Kindergarten students loading first.

What to Bring on the First Day

Please bring your indoor shoes, face mask, lunch, snack and water bottle in your backpack on the first day. 

New School Routines

We will be spending time each day learning and reviewing safety practices and routines such as how and when to use hand sanitizer, proper hand washing, how to store your mask when going out for recess, keeping a healthy distance from others, how to walk on one side of the hallway, bathroom routines, and what to do if you are not feeling well. Learning these important routines will be a focus of our learning over the first few weeks of school. Each student will be provided with a paper bag to store their mask in at their desk at recess. Recess times are staggered so that half of the school is outside for recess at one time. All students will have two 20 minute recesses and two 20 minute nutrition breaks over the course of the day. While outside, each class will have a recess play zone that they will play in with their class cohort for the duration of the recess. Classes will also have opportunities for outdoor learning and community walks so you may see us out and about in the school yard and in the neighbourhood.

Online Learning

If your child is signed up for online remote learning, you will be receiving information about this learning option soon.  We would like to stay connected with families until online learning begins so please contact the school if you have any questions.