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Safe Schools
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Emergency Procedures and Early Closing

Please make note of this, especially when you hear any announcements over the radio about school buses not running and school closings.

Our school is open for those children who can get here.
It is the parents’ decision whether or not they wish to send their children (particularly children who walk).

If a parent chooses to bring the child to school when the bus has been cancelled, the parent must pick up the child.


Dropping Off/Picking up Children:
No parking is permitted in front of the school on weekdays for safety reasons. This is a bus loading zone. When you arrive at the school to pick up children, please use spaces available in the school parking lot.  Please respect the “blue zoned” parking area.

We appreciate you picking up your child outside the school at dismissal time. This ensures minimal distraction from the halls for students and teachers at a time when students are completing the instructional day in the classrooms and when students are lining up for the busses.

Please click on this Limestone District School Board link to find out more information about keeping our students safe:

Cyber Bullying Information
Bullying Prevention at School
Kingston Interval House
Emergency Procedures
Student Codes of Behaviour

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