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Code of Behaviour
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Centennial Public School

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We, the staff, of Centennial Public School, are proud of our students. We enlist your support in our endeavour to achieve the following:

Maintain a climate in which each person is respected and respectful, treating each other with dignity at all times, especially when there is a disagreement.

Respect and treat others fairly, regardless of, for example, race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Maintain an atmosphere of cooperation, stability and support in a rapidly changing world.

Student Expectations

All students are expected to:

Assume and accept responsibility for their own decisions/behaviour.
Respect proper authority; obey all adults working in the school.
Respect individual differences. It is all right to laugh with people, but not at people.
Respect their own property, school property and the property of others.
Respect the right, safety and health of others and self.
Respect the rules for riding buses within Limestone District School Board.
Use appropriate manners.
Be thoughtful of others.
Use appropriately language worthy of respect.
Be good citizens by reporting to staff instances of behaviours that are harmful to others, damaging to the property or to the reputation of our school.
Resolve conflict through compromise rather than physical means.
Be courteous and fair in conflict resolution.
Abstain from the use and promotion of drugs and alcohol.


Students can expect a range of consequences if school or classroom rules are not followed. Depending on the frequency, severity, and type of behaviour, consequences will vary. These will range from a simple warning to police intervention. Other steps, such as those listed, may occur depending on the circumstances.

  • simple warning
  • note home
  • time out to think about options
  • replacement of damaged property/community service
  • informal counselling with staff
  • detention
  • loss of privileges
  • formal meeting with the principal
  • meeting with parents and staff
  • in-school or formal suspension
  • police intervention

Consequences will be applied fairly and equitably to all students. Consequences are meant to reduce inappropriate behaviours, but at the same time, should preserve the dignity of the student and increase student motivation.

In accordance with the Board's Safe School Policy, the following behaviour MUST be reported to the police and will result in suspension:

  • possession of weapons
  • serious threat of injury or bodily harm
  • sexual assault
  • robbery
  • extortion
  • any hate motivated violence
  • gang or gang assault
  • criminal harassment including stalking
  • vandalism, mischief, arson
  • repeated or habitually aggressive behaviour


From time to time our students will be away from Centennial Public School. They may be involved in an educational trip or representing Centennial at competitions.

Their conduct during these events is to reflect the expectations of Centennial Public School. It should demonstrate a dependable, responsibile and co-operative attitude. Remember, students, you are representatives of Centennial Public School and as such, your conduct is a reflection of our school. If you do not live up to the expectations, not only do you let yourselves down, you also let your fellow students down.

Bus Behaviour Expectations

Riding on a school bus is a privilege provided by the Limestone District School Board to help students travel to and from school in a safe and timely manner.  Students who qualify shall be given the privilege of using transportation provided by the Board. Since the Board is responsible for the comfort and safety of all students who ride on school buses, students whose conduct endangers the safety or interferes with the comfort of others may have their riding privileges revoked. It is considered that school buses owned or under contract by the Board are an extension of the school system and the standards set by the individual school should be carried over to the school bus. Students travelling on a bus, van, or by taxi, are expected to view this as part of the school day. While on a school bus, students are expected to manage themselves in a way that meets the behaviour code established in the school.

Students are responsible to the principal for their conduct on the school bus. The bus driver acts on behalf of the principal and students will obey instructions from the driver. The responsibility for compensation for any damage or destruction of board property by a student, is placed on the students and the parent. This also applies to school buses.  In addition, it is essential that student behaviour does not interfere with the driver’s task of driving safely, as this puts all people on the bus at risk. When issues arise, it is vitally important that parents support the protocol for dealing with the unacceptable behaviour of their children.

The following expectations are in addition to the behaviour guidelines presented in the school’s  Code of Student Behaviour and are intended to clearly define ways in which the students can be transported in a safe manner.

Before Boarding the Bus:

        Arrive at your stop 5 minutes prior to pick up time. Being on time at the designated school bus stop means the bus can remain on schedule and students don’t have to run to catch the bus, increasing their chances of being hurt.
Wait 2 steps back from the road. Stay off the road and neighbour’s personal property at all times while waiting for the bus. Bus riders are expected to conduct themselves in a safe manner while waiting.
        Dress properly for the weather.
        Do not cross the road until the bus is stopped, the driver has turned on the upper alternating red signal lights
                and extended the school bus stop arm.
Look both ways and wait for the driver’s signal. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board the bus.

While getting on, staying on, and getting off  the bus:
        Board the bus in single file, (one at a time).
        Use the hand rail.
         Students should go directly to their seats and sit down before the bus moves. This way, when the bus starts to move, the students won’t fall down.
        Stay seated until it is time to get off the bus.
        No lunch pails, books or parcels should be in the aisles or step wells at any time.
        Stay seated until it is time to get off the bus.
        Do not enter or leave the bus while it is moving.
        Avoid pushing or crowding when getting on or off the bus.
        Students leaving the bus should cross only in front of the bus and approximately 3 metres from the front.
        Never, ever, ever stop to pick up something you have dropped; get an adult to help you retrieve it.

It is expected that students shall behave in the following manner:
        conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner at all times and obey the drivers instructions
        respect the well-being of others
        respect the property of others, including the bus
        keep off the travelled portion of the road on the way to the pick-up point
        students must be at their bus pick-up point prior to pick-up time
        ride only the bus assigned
        be picked up only at designated stops
        keep books, lunch boxes and bulky items on their laps
        leave windows closed unless authorized by the driver to open them
        keep arms and head inside the bus at all times
        not carry objects which may be perceived as dangerous or objectionable

        not eat or drink on a school bus
        not smoke on a school bus, as this can result in immediate suspension of bus privileges  
        be discharged (get off the bus) only at designated stops
        refrain from fighting or using obscene or loud language, as this can result in immediate loss of bus privileges.

Students must be aware that serious or repeated misconduct will be recorded. They must also be aware that such conduct may result in loss of the privilege to ride a school bus. When a student chooses to behave in a manner that is unacceptable and/or unsafe they are placing themselves and the others on the bus in an unsafe situation, (e.g., swearing, excessive noise, distracting the driver).  To assist the student in making more appropriate choices the following consequences will be followed:

        Step One: Verbal Warnings
                The driver warns the student that his/her behaviour is unacceptable and unsafe.

        Step Two: Bus Behaviour Report(s)
The driver completes a Bus Behaviour Report and has the student deliver it to the school official. The school official and the student discuss the problem behaviour and attempt to correct the situation. (The driver may be included in the discussion.) The school official signs the driver portion of the Bus Behaviour Report for presentation to the driver before readmission to the bus. Parents are provided with a copy of the form and may be advised by phone.

        Step Three:  Suspension of Riding Privileges
Persistent misbehaviour will result in suspension of riding privileges of the student for a discretionary period of one or more days. The school official will notify the parent and operator/driver.

        Waiving of Three step Procedure
In situations which directly threaten the physical safety of the driver and/or the passengers, (e.g., fighting on the bus), the three steps may be waived and the driver and/or the principal is authorized to suspend riding privileges immediately (at the end of a run). The driver informs the school official and the Transportation department. The school official shall notify the parents of the suspension of riding privileges. The suspension may remain in effect until there is a satisfactory meeting with the school official.

Please Note:
As the Transportation Guideline of the Limestone District School Board indicates, students are only to travel on their own bus and are to be picked up and let off the bus only at their designated bus stop. However, if, for any reason, a student needs to deviate from this expectation, a note from the parent must be given to the office where it will be signed by the Principal/Vice-Principal and then given to the driver. Students may only ride their assigned bus.


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